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Writing Your Anthology for Year 7

Supports APP

Writing Your Anthology

A fully resourced creative poetry project for Year 7

Contains a 6-lesson SoW with homework tasks and a student booklet for individual poetry anthologies.
By reading and responding to a range of poetry, from haikus to limericks to ballads, students:
  1. Develop their language skills through a wealth of varied activities
  2. Actively widen their vocabulary
  3. Recreate the effects they have learnt, in their own poetry

"A good introduction to the genres of poetry for KS3 — would easily work in KS2 too. I liked the detailed teacher planning and availability for interactivity in showing poems for the whole class on the interactive whiteboar. A lovely resource."
C Storm, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'I particularly liked the use of the booklet, where children can record their ‘best work’. The scheme not only requires students to write their own poetry, but also aims to build the skills required for analytical writing about poems required at GCSE and beyond. The skills practised through the focus tasks enhance pupils' ability to read for meaning and to understand how meaning is created through a combination of words, images and sounds. It also equips them to use techniques in their own writing.'
L Kontos, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

  • Cross-referenced to the new NC and Reading and Writing AFs
  • Peer assessment — perfect for APP
  • Based on modern and pre-1914 poetry