Jane Eyre: A Comprehensive Guide for A Level

An intelligent, informative guide to the whole text, with questions to engage students with the text. Consolidating essay questions prepare students for assessment. Notes on:
  • Every chapter, theme and character
  • Author, contexts and 'the Victorian novel'
  • Structure, form and language

Now includes superb OCR English Literature practice exam questions, sample essay plans and essays with teacher’s commentary.

"A very useful resource...accessible for all levels. I liked the fact that there was detailed and relevant contextual detail throughout. The model response also helps pupils to grasp the idea of close analysis of the text."
L Kirby, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

Comprehensively meets
Has also been identified for
Open Units Shakespeare Units Semi-open units
AQA A Literature Unit 2 (Victorian Literature)
Edexcel Literature Unit 1
OCR Literature F663
Edexcel Literature Unit 4
OCR Literature Unit 4
WJEC Literature Unit 3
OCR Lang & Lit Unit 2
Edexcel Lang & Lit Unit 4
AQA A Literature Unit 4 AQA A Literature Unit 3 (Love Through the Ages)
WJEC Literature Unit 2 (Prose/Specified Authors)
Edexcel Lang & Lit Unit 2 (Women's Lives)
AQA B Lang & Lit Unit 4 (Specified Author)