An Introduction to Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales for Year 7

Supports APP

A 4-week, 12-lesson SoW with Middle English recordings, illustrated handouts and engaging, differentiated activities to explore a key text in the English Literary Heritage. The variety of activities ensure students develop their understanding of the social and cultural significance of the tales, while speaking and listening tasks help students bring the pilgrims alive.

Matches the schemes for English well, is well laid out and easy to follow

C Barker, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Written specifically for and cross-referenced to the new NC and the new NLS
  • Final assessment each week
  • Accompanied by 14 supporting PowerPoints on CD

Makes a potentially dull subject come to life and updates it for a modern, young audience

M Mallows, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

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I think this resource is fabulous. From a teacher's point of view it is a real time saver, and it offers a structured, focused and good-humoured range of teaching and learning opportunities. The sections at the beginning for the teacher and for planning are excellent. They take into account relevant NC focuses and differentiated learning outcomes – this is fantastic in terms of time-saving during planning. The detail is superb and extremely helpful... This resource ... has been written by someone who clearly understands the English curriculum and has a good understanding of teaching and classroom practice. Not only are the teacher-based sections practical and useful, the learning activities are engaging but still demanding. Presentation and layout are simple but effective. The images are appealing and at times amusing... This resource fits well with the National Curriculum requirements for Literary Heritage in Year 7, but because of the high quality of the material, activities and presentation, it could be used right up to Year 9... A truly excellent resource!

L Stansfield, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Outstanding. Pupils will be engaged from beginning to end, in every session. Makes a potentially dull subject come to life and updates it for a modern, young audience. Fun, informative and motivational.

M Mallows, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought the resource was very well developed, with lots of detail. It matches the schemes for English well, is well laid out and easy to follow. I particularly liked having the resources in both modern and Old English and the break down of outcomes for each week according to levels. Overall, an excellent piece of work, very detailed and very enjoyable; my students enjoyed bits that I trialed on them.

C Barker, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really liked that it is challenging and that the author has included lots of contextual details such as the information about the printing press which will engage students who perhaps don't engage with the literary nature of the subject. I also liked the way that it is presented as a logical challenge such as translating the old English into modern English by looking at the two next to each other... I think it is a highly educational and valuable resource... I think year 7 in particular will benefit from looking at Chaucer because they are keen and motivated and ready for a challenge and I think, more so than Shakespeare, it gives them an entertaining introduction to English which they are unfamiliar with.

R Smart, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The powerpoints were very useful and the worksheet that helped them categorise the pilgrims into groups... it helped as a 'visual' dimension to the topic - very appropriate for the subject matter... It certainly helped with the APP assessment... The resources are created by teachers and therefore reflect what the students need and relate to the natural framework.

S Clifford, HoD & Customer

A detailed resource that appeals to all ability levels and uses modern 'hooks' for the pupils... I like the use of Blackadder video clips and the use of YouTube versions of the Tales – thought about learners and different learning styles is very evident through the resources and the planning.

H Ward, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Will bring Chaucer's English to life through the images and audio, bringing an important part of our heritage to young secondary school pupils. The recordings emphasise the melody of the poetry... Drama activities are suggested with clear instructions. Big Brother evictions will appeal to this KS3 age range. There are good pupil planning prompts for the essay, and this is suitable for a range of different abilities... The background information about the society of the time and its hierarchies is useful.

D Coppard, HoD & Peer Reviewer