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An Introduction to Chaucer for Year 7

Supports APP

An Introduction to Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales

For Year 7

A 4-week, 12-lesson SoW with Middle English recordings, illustrated handouts and engaging, differentiated activities to explore a key text in the English Literary Heritage. The variety of activities ensure students develop their understanding of the social and cultural significance of the tales, while speaking and listening tasks help students bring the pilgrims alive.
  • Written specifically for and cross-referenced to the new NC and the new NLS
  • Final assessment each week
  • Accompanied by 14 supporting PowerPoints on CD

'Introduces students to the literary heritage & allows students to understand where English is from and how it has developed. An excellent piece of work, very detailed and very enjoyable, my students enjoyed bits I trialled on them!'
C Barker, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'It has clearly defined outcomes to show what can be achieved and there is a wide range of resources and activities to appeal to various types of learners. I think the guided work is particularly good, especially in terms of differentiation.'
A Baiden, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'It will bring Chaucer's English to life through the images and audio, bringing an important part of our heritage to young secondary school pupils. The recordings emphasise the melody of the poetry. There are good pupil planning prompts for the essay and this is suitable for a range of different abilities.
D Coppard, Head of English and Independent Reviewer