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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Activity Pack for KS3

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

An Activity Book for KS3

"This is by far the best resource I have seen on this novel."
J Sharrock, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

25 worksheets packed with 52 creative and stimulating activities, including quizzes, comprehensions, analytical tables and film comparisons:

  • Each task's AF is clear for easy teacher planning and on each worksheet so students know what to focus on
  • APP Ready: Special APP grids allow quick and simple assessment for each Reading Assessment Focus
  • 8 starter activities
  • 29 Reading AF activities
  • 8 Writing AF activities
  • 3 Speaking & Listening activities
  • 4 final tasks

"This is the best ZigZag resource I have had the opportunity to review. The Reading Assessment Focus grids are a brilliant idea — these allow both students and teachers to focus on specific areas to develop. They also allow students to review their own learning and set targets for the future; this opportunity for self-assessment is excellent. All of the tasks are creative, imaginative and would appeal to students. The the Assessment Focuses are constantly referred to is brilliant practice. An outstanding resource."
J Sharrock, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer