Packs of ‘Ten-Minute’ Short Stories especially written for interest & relevance to the Older Person. A wonderful collection of easy-to-read and entertaining short stories.

  • Written by a creative writing group with several award winning writers!
  • For reading alone or aloud to an individual or a small group
  • Large, clear type-face

Benefits for your residents include:
  • Stimulating stories with opportunities for conversation and reminiscing
  • Something to read and discuss when friends and family visit

"Accessible, enjoyable, stimulating... The fact that a community writing group has produced this is lovely... Barbara [author] has obviously thought hard about the needs and practicalities of making this useable with her client group."
M Dunn, speech and drama coach, involved in performance workshops and reading with older people, independent reviewer

"It helped greatly with recalling events in the residents' lives and prompted lots of discussion, which is good for language development."
N Wood, Health & Social Care Assessor, independent reviewer

Story Telling and Conversation Prompts

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3118)

Short stories help to entertain residents with different interests at the same time... The stories also bring back memories... It is easy to handle because pages can be taken out." — A Becht, Lounge Supervisor & Activity Co-ordinator at Sage Nursing Home, ZigZag Customer

The resource would enable carers to gain greater understanding and depth of knowledge about the people they are caring for. It gives the opportunity to start a conversation... I liked the fact that there was a mixture of stories and not all in the same theme." — A Daniel, Health & Social Care BTEC Manager and Independent Reviewer

The questions, and any others that came to mind would prompt discussion, a much needed stimulus in a care home." — C Farrar, Care Home Owner and Independent Reviewer