Macbeth: Study Guide for A Level

This fantastically detailed and thorough study guide covers every aspect of this demanding play:

I won't need anything else to teach Macbeth for this specification

B Kemp, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Scene-by-scene commentary
  • Themes
  • Characters & characterisation
  • Context
  • Shakespeare’s literary techniques
  • Traces of ‘The Gothic’
All notes are fully interspersed with intelligent discussion points & questions to extend understanding!

Also includes sample examination style questions for AQA B Literature Unit LITB3

One of the best ZigZag resources I've seen in terms of links with the exam and amount of detail

B Kemp, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (3104)

An excellent resource, visually as well as textually stimulating. One of the best ZigZag resources I've seen in terms of links with the exam and amount of detail. I won't need anything else to teach Macbeth for this specification.

B Kemp, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A superb resource! It covers everything from the life of Shakespeare to his literary techniques, as well as a very good scene-by-scene synopsis. Well worth reading. I particularly liked the points of debate relating to each section.

S Powell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Its thoroughness is especially valuable... It’s so comprehensive it will allow teachers and departments the opportunity to select materials for a range of different purposes. The explanations of the ways that we use the term 'gothic' to understand Macbeth is most helpful, as it allows students to see that this is a form of criticism that emerged long after the play’s construction. The resource is very clearly the product of some serious hours of work and I am glad that someone has done it. Thank you.

N Hall, HoD & Peer Reviewer

It matches the specification very well as it gives a thorough insight into the play, the characters are described well and the language explained. The exam questions at the end are helpful. An excellent resource.

S Fallon, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource... thorough & comprehensive. The 'Points for Debate' facilitate students working & thinking independently. It also allows for group discussion, leading to consideration of alternative interpretations - perfect for A03. This matches and interprets the AQA B Literature specification successfully.

E Hewitt, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A thorough study of the text. The questions on the gothic themes enhance learning and the Language definitions at the end hit the AOs. It helps teachers to link types of gothic genre with examples and also brings in Tragedy, a concept covered at AS which shows continuation and progression... An excellent resource with beautiful illustrations.

S Fallon, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

On the whole I was impressed by the comprehensive nature of the resource and the huge amount of detail. It certainly provides materials of an appropriate level. I thought that the section on themes was very impressive with really detailed information. Good links to the specific need for ‘gothic’ links for AQA B Literature.

C Webb, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent detail and accurate factual information.

G Davies, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It gives good social, historical context, notes on the structure of the play and key characters. Questions at the end of the resource are relevant. I liked that there were interesting points of debate throughout the resource - things for students to think about. They also linked to Gothic element in Macbeth which is what the students will be examined on.

H Bell, Assistant HoD & Peer Reviewer

Detailed notes will prove invaluable... Points for Debate will encourage independent thought and will be excellent focus questions for discussion in class.

V Kennedy, HoD & Peer Reviewer