Fiction Writing Course for Year 7

Short and effective course to develop students’ fiction-writing skills.

Really well thought out and obviously created by someone with a great understanding about what works in a classroom

L Kontos, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Detailed lesson plans describe starter, main & homework tasks in detail, as well as highlighting cross-curricular, ICT and differentiation opportunities.

I liked everything about this resource – very interesting...


V Kondou, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
  • All necessary resources & student worksheets included
  • Proven impact on your students’ writing skills in just 12 sessions!

What do teachers say about this resource? (3064)

I liked everything about this resource – very interesting... Excellent

V Kondou, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Extremely useful... The lesson plans are detailed and the unit has links to the latest curriculum objectives. Cross curricular opportunities are suggested, and each lesson provides differentiated tasks... The pack is outstanding; the author provides a range of different learning style tasks... a wide range of accessible texts are used which pupils will find stimulating. The pack offers progression – the language devices worksheets start off fairly straightforward but increase in difficulty... The resource would definitely enhance learning... Specific skills are taught which would enhance the learning of creative writing. By using the detailed analysis of the extracts provided, pupils are given a model of good writing... a student-friendly pack... The skills that pupils develop during this unit would be beneficial to any student starting the KS3 English course... The author is excellent and shows a real talent... This pack is perfect.

J Sharrock, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Interesting and pupil-friendly, with an eye-catching layout and good assignments... the figurative language sections were varied and thorough; easing pupils into the concepts and preparing them for literary analysis... it prepares pupils with a good understanding of what to look for in poetry and prose closer analysis by teaching them how to create their own emotive language and original figures of speech... lesson plans were thorough and a great time-saver for teachers!... Pupils are eased into fiction writing skills through stimulating worksheets and interesting, thought-provoking assignments.

M Evans, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I particularly liked the step-by-step approach to descriptive writing... The emphasis on close reading is particularly useful as good practice is clearly modelled for learners. The use of subject-specific vocabulary in the analysis of the writing is also extremely useful to students... Well presented and laid out... extremely user-friendly

M Whyman, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A really good resource with a variety of activities... The layout is good, it is easy to follow. The worksheets are excellent and really help build up to a final task... breaks down the sequence of writing fiction and makes it accessible to [EAL students].

C McFlynn, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

On the whole I liked this resource. It is a very useful tool for busy teachers looking for ideas to help with teaching narrative writing. Good planning framework and lots of supporting material. I liked the resource sheets and the planning framework. Very good framework for teachers to use to inform their planning. Very good layout. Presentation very good, especially the resource sheets. A very good aid to planning.

S Powell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Has some excellent activities that would be entertaining to both teachers and pupils... the lesson plans are nice and clear would be particularly useful for student and NQTs teachers. I liked the range of techniques examined... the range of exemplar materials is lovely.... really effective resource in improving pupils writing skills... the way the skills are introduced and built lesson by lesson is excellent... really well thought out and obviously created by someone with a great understanding about what works in a classroom... very detailed... Cross-curricular links are clear and tasks are inventive and interesting.

L Kontos, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It's very comprehensive. I like the fact that it is so detailed and therefore needs no addition as a SOW. It is very clearly mapped to the NC / KS3 Framework.

A Baiden, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Well prepared and easily accessible for staff and pupils. Resources are excellent... Good for developing skills

S Freeburn, Director of Learning English & Peer Reviewer

I liked the resources in particular, as they can be used not only for the lesson plans provided but also adapted to other lesson plans.

M Hanlan, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer