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Hamlet Speech Analysis

Hamlet: Speech Analysis for A Level

A detailed scheme of work with resources for analysing the language of Hamlet.
Lesson plans encourage students to arrive at independent interpretations of the play.
  • 22-lesson scheme with detailed introduction plus 4 introductory lessons, complete with supporting worksheets and language cards.
  • Resources for the following topics: Scene Analysis, Grice's Maxims, Shakespeare’s Verse, Phatic Conversations, Status, Friendship, Manipulation & Madness.
  • Concise focus on key features of speech analysis and interactive tasks that aid memory.

"Very detailed, thorough and pitched
at the right level for students

D Bonner, English Teacher and ZigZag Customer

"I was impressed by the quality of this resource —
a lot more substantial & practical than many others.
This is a professional, informed & intelligent resource that would be of genuine use at A level."
M Craddock, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"Overall this is an excellent resource;
the scheme is detailed... clear & effective."
R Roberts, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This resource has been updated to comprehensively meet the new 2008 GCE English specifications.

Comprehensively meets
Meets targets for... Has also been identified for
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AQA B Lang & Lit Unit 3
OCR Lang & Lit Unit 3
WJEC Literature Unit 4 (Section B) Edexcel Literature Unit 4
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Edexcel Lit/Lang Unit 4
AQA A Literature Unit 4
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