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The World's Wife: TWO RESOURCES
Worksheets & Tasks AND Teaching Notes w/Questions for A Level

Worksheets & Tasks:
Guidance and activities for every poem of the collection individually, and as a whole!

Promote student development with this incredible collection of worksheets:
  • Easier tasks first develop skills
  • More challenging work follows including discussions, investigations, research, questions and analysis of interpretations

Detailed notes on poetic technique
A variety of different critical sources
Advice on how to use this information in an examination

Teaching Notes w/Questions:
Encourage invaluable comparative skills for examinations by teaching the collection in themes
- Life Changes, Love, Disdain, Victims, Religion & Greed

Notes provided for each poem cover: background information, the poem summarised and a quick insight into Duffy’s message.

Build students’ confidence for the examination whilst comprehensively covering the collection with advice on:
  • Essay writing in an examination
  • How to revise

Comprehensively meet
Has also been identified for
Open Units Semi-Open Units
AQA A Literature Unit 1 (The Struggle for Identity) Edexcel Literature U4
OCR Literature U4
WJEC Literature U3
OCR Lit/Lang U2
Edexcel Lit/Lang U4
AQA A Literature U3 (Love Through the Ages)
OCR Literature U2 (Post-1900)
Edexcel Lang & Lit U2 (Women’s Lives)