A Place of Your Own

Project booklet guiding students step-by-step through the issues and problems associated with leaving home and finding A Place of Your Own. Raises students’ awareness of the problems they will encounter and guides them through the financial calculations they will need to make.

Skills taught: Independent Learning, Problem Solving, Numeracy, Literacy.

  • Write-on format makes life easy for you and your students
  • Students can work through the whole project or just individual worksheets as required
  • Step-by-step approach to activities means students work at their own pace and level of ability

Suitable for use with students aged 15+ either as a stand-alone project or as a supplement to ASDAN, Numeracy or Literacy courses.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3020)

A very useful resource. Refreshing to see basic skills such as gross pay, net pay and tax being taught in a very simple, easy to understand way... This is suitable for a global audience; not only those who are considering setting up home on their own, but also as a worthy exercise in numeracy... Everyone should have a copy of this resource." — S Powell, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A very good and very well thought out resource. Use of all curriculum areas is made." — J Harding, Learning Support Tutor and Independent Reviewer

All knowledge and hands-on activities are provided in a structured, easy to follow format which enhances learning excellently.

M Carr, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Excellent. A well thought out resource which links financial capability with life skills required by all students.

D Menzler, Careers Teacher and Independent Reviewer