Up The Line To Death Notes and Worksheets for A Level

A working tool designed to stimulate the imaginations of your students!

  • Every poem analysed individually…in groups…and in context!
  • Every poem beautifully illustrated with suitable images and photographs
  • Key questions with examiners' guidance to improve examination results
  • Worksheets tackle the poems in themes to improve comparative skills required for the exam

"This is one of the best resources I have seen on First World War poetry. An extensive, highly impressive and meticulously-researched piece of work...[I particularly liked] the amount of insightful and detailed commentary notes with the poems."
Kerri Bridges, Head of English & A Level Teacher

"I liked this very much as it suits AS studies very well. There was a clear explanation of each poem...[and] the activities are effective preparation for the kind of comparative approach required in the final paper. Anything that supports and promotes independent thinking is essential for AS and A2 and this certainly does that."
Cathi Allison, English Teacher, Senior Examiner & Independent Reviewer

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AQA A Literature Unit 1 (War) Edexcel Lit U4
OCR Lit U4
OCR Lit/Lang U2
Edexcel Lit/Lang U4
OCR Lit U2 (Post-1900)
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'High quality. It covers all poems in some detail, providing relevant contextual details and good ideas for poetry comparisons. The consistent approach to the poems and sections of the text make it very easy to use. The websites for each poem are aptly selected and do not overload the teacher or student. I liked the fact that all poems are covered without an obvious bias to the well-known poets and/or poems.' J Malt, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'I thought this resource is fantastic . A huge library of information I can use! A comprehensive, wide-ranging resource that meets all assessment objctives... An invaluable resource that "works" on many levels.' G Chisholm, ZigZag Customer
'It does all the work for you!' J Fitzpatrick, ZigZag Customer
' Absolutely fantastic! This is really well put together and informative. The level of detail is so comprehensive... The sheer level of detail is impressive. ' S Alsop, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I was delighted with this resource! Comprehensive in depth and scope with some really interesting pieces of background information.' L Jenkins, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer