The Rover by Aphra Behn
For A Level Literature

Marriage… love… revenge… Discover Aphra Behn’s controversial
play with this comprehensive study guide!

  • Scene-by-scene analyses with questions
  • Themes & topics for discussion
  • Character studies for every character
  • Contexts - Author, Historical Background, Carnival, Restoration Theatre, Performance, Sources
  • Essay questions for great examination practice

I am impressed with this resource; it is very user-friendly, clearly expressed and accessible for staff and students. All the information is relevant and I really like the written style. It is exactly the way I teach my students to write. It is coherently structured and is a thorough analysis of The Rover and the context. I would definitely buy this as a resource for the department, particularly if all the pages are photocopiable.
J Colby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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