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The Kite Runner: A Reading Guide for A Level

“I doubt whether there is anything better on The Kite Runner at the moment”
Keith Johnson, A Level English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

“Just what I needed!”
Richard Lodge, A Level English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

This resource is amazing but don't listen to us... Look at what teachers have said:

“Thoughtful & comprehensive. Covers all the essential elements of the text, giving background & history with a useful summary & analysis of each chapter. It’s pitched at absolutely the right level for A Level.”

Marcella McCarthy, A Level Teacher & Independent Reviewer
“Thorough & useful. It covers all key aspects well & will save a great deal of research & planning time for anyone teaching the book.”

Richard Lodge, A Level AQA B English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
“I liked the organisation & the way each chapter is analysed with the use of bold type as a pointer to the narrative elements. It forces the reader to be aware of how authors use narrative for effect. This is crucial for AQA B & answering the examination questions.”

John Bridges, A Level AQA B English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Need we say more? Okay, we will! It covers:

  • Themes and symbolism twelve topics for discussion!
  • Structure and style plus writer’s techniques exposed!
  • All the contexts of the novel essential notes on Afghanistan & its culture!
  • Insightful starting points for full exploration of the text!

A valuable investment for anyone teaching this quietly powerful debut novel by Khaled Hosseini.

Comprehensively meets
Meets targets
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Open Units Semi-open units
AQA B Literature Unit 1 Edexcel Lit U3
AQA A Lit/Lang U1
Edexcel Lit U4
OCR Lit U4
OCR Lit/Lang U2
OCR Lit/Lang U4
Edexcel Lit/Lang U4
OCR Lit U2 (Post-1900)
WJEC Lit U2 (Specified Author)