Roald Dahl Short Story Scheme of Work

Creative and engaging scheme of work on 'The Ratcatcher' and 'The Landlady' to motivate even the most lacklustre of students!

The worksheets are exciting and stimulating as well as practical, which shows that they have obviously been tried and tested in the clasroom!

M Evans, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

  • 19 lessons with many opportunities for cross-curricular work
  • Fully cross-referenced to new NLS (September 2008)
  • Covers both English and English Literature skills

What do teachers say about this resource? (2933)

I felt this was an excellent resource, well laid out, with clear instructions and information for teachers as well as for pupils; there is enough here to teach these stories using only these materials, but there is also ample opportunity for teachers to use these materials as jumping-off points for further work on these stories or, indeed, similar work with other stories.

P Robinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is extensively linked to the NLS, which means that it is perfect for Ofsted and for fussy department heads!...It encourages understanding of the genre and style of the writer as well as group and independent development of the themes. It naturally lends itself to helping pupils develop their own interpretations as well as aiding them in fully understanding the techniques and qualities of short story writing...The worksheets are exciting and stimulating as well as practical, which shows that they have obviously been tried and tested in the clasroom!

M Evans, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is well-planned and easy to use...a good lead-in to the AQA GCSE specification. The speaking and listening activities are thoughtful with helpful instructions for students about how to plan their responses...I like the way the author of this resource has managed to provide so much coverage of framework objectives and of useful English and cross-curricular skills with reference to only 2 short texts.

M Taylor, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

This resource includes a variety of writing tasks that cover different writing styles in an enjoyable way...The lesson plans are comprehensive and the worksheets are well thought out...There are a lot of manageable groupwork activities that I would really enjoy, as would the students...The use of different writing types is important and thoroughly explored in the scheme. The writing also has a clear purpose and audience that can be related to real life situations.

L Hanton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive resource that covers many assessment focuses. The two distinct areas make for a nice change of pace/interest as the SOW progresses. The clear focus for each lesson informs teacher and pupil what the objectives are.

S Maddox, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is detailed and well explained. A unit which is ready to use.

Sequenced well and very easy to follow. I liked the fact the worksheets are very child friendly and would not take additional planning time to do them.

M Warton-Woods, HoD and Peer Reviewer