A Level Media Studies Schemes of Work

for first teaching September 2008

Everything you need for every lesson and every unit.The specifically selected focused questions and tasks are designed to enhance exam success for AQA.The tasks and questions have unique guidance to ensure that the students' research is productive.

Key features include:

  • Detailed lesson plans: objectives, activities, outcomes, differentiation, assessment and homework
  • Resource Planner: Clear guidance for choosing suitable texts and how to explore them
  • Website suggestions and special 'Progress Sheets'
  • PowerPoints on an accompanying CD-Rom with handout versions of the slides in the resource, for discussion or use as handouts
  • All resources fully cross-referenced to the AQA Assessment Objectives

"Extremely useful and well put together. It puts key concepts and ideas accross perfectly."
L Butler, Head of Media Studies and Independent Reviewer (previous edn)