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Lyrical Ballads Comprehensive Guide

Lyrical Ballads Resources for A Level English

Introduction to Lyrical Ballads

Workbook introducing students to Wordsworth and Coleridge's poetry. Designed to support learning alongside your own scheme.
  • Notes on contexts (Style, Form/Genre and Romanticism)
  • Detailed notes on the poems which are grouped thematically: Nature and the Sublime, Childhood and Memory, Imagination, Political and Social Commentary, and Women
  • Sample essay plan and examination questions
  • Internet research project

Comprehensive Guide to Lyrical Ballads

A jam-packed complete guide to the poems, designed to complement the Activities and Worksheets.
  • Notes on the Romantic movement
  • Notes on the historical context
  • Biographies of Coleridge and Wordsworth
  • Extensive notes on the poems
  • Example WJEC examination questions

Activities and Worksheets for Lyrical Ballads

Designed to complement the Comprehensive Guide to Lyrical Ballads (by the same author).
  • Activities and ready-to-use worksheets on every poem, both individually and as part of thematic groups.
  • Examination-style questions and activities covering themes such as Old Age, Childhood, Maternal Love, Social Injustice and Inhumanity, the Power of Nature, the Imagination and the Supernatural, and Journeys
  • Wide range of relevant websites given for students' own research

Meets targets for Has also been identified for
Open Units
WJEC Literature Unit 4 (Section A) Edexcel Literature Unit 4
OCR Literature Unit 4
WJEC Literature Unit 3
OCR Language and Literature Unit 2
Edexcel Language and Literature Unit 4

Listen to Lyrical Ballads on CD

A 2-CD set containing professional recordings of the whole of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Thorn, The Idiot Boy and Goody Blake & Harry Gill.
  • Provided as CDs to use in class and as mp3 files for students to download to their iPods
  • Price includes site licence: make as many copies as you like for use by staff and students at your school
  • Bring the ballads to life for your students!

Click here to listen to Part I of the Ancient Mariner