Much Ado About Nothing Activity Pack

This resource has been created as a supplement for any scheme of work on Much Ado About Nothing.

This is brilliant...

...It would be motivational for pupils to be given such well-considered worksheets

C McDonough, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Differentiated unique tasks for every event and scene for pupils to complete!
  • Appealing fonts and relevant pictures plus teacher commentary.
  • Extension activity for the more able pupils for every task.

What do teachers say about this resource? (2431)

I thought this was very well thought out. I think it would be a great asset in the classroom and could be easily differentiated.

It gave a good background into Shakespearean times and some very entertaining worksheets, I especially liked translating Shakespearean words, posters, reviews, identity parade, directing the play and creating storyboards. I appreciated the deeper analysis of the story and the characters.

It gives a good balance of fun and information. The students would learn through a combination of tasks, analysis and interesting projects.

E Russell, Trainee Teacher and Peer Reviewer

An excellent accompaniment to any scheme of work... full of stand-alone resources... Well differentiated and gradually increases in level of difficulty. I particularly like that there are answers!... Interesting activities, diverse... Good that it refers to rhyme and rhyme scheme; something that is often overlooked... A well-pitched explanation... This is brilliant... It would be motivational for pupils to be given such well-considered worksheets... can also be used as a support material outside of the usual scheme being taught by the teacher, e.g. as an ongoing homework project... very versatile!... Clear presentation... An excellent resource.

C McDonough, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The extracts and questions were really useful as a practical teaching resource - a collection of worksheets that could be used as when required

C Loyden, Teacher and Peer Reviewer