The Tempest Activity Book

This resource has been created as a supplement for any scheme of work on The Tempest.

Interesting, comprehensive and exceptionally thorough

M McCarthy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Differentiated unique tasks for every event and scene for pupils to complete!
  • Appealing fonts and relevant pictures plus teacher commentary.
  • Extension activity for the more able pupils for every task.

I would definitely recommend this resource and I can imagine that it would become like a SATs teacher's Bible!

JC, Peer Reviewer
This resource comes as a photocopy master (in a clip-file or folder for easy photocopying).
Alternatively the digital version of this resource comes on CD in both PDF and web based formats and includes a school/college single site licence for your network.

What do teachers say about this resource? (2430)

It is very useful on focusing on the Assessment Focuses and I would definitely use it with my classes. Perfect for a consolidation homework with a top set or as a focus for teaching a lower ability set. I also like the variety of activities and the way they are presented makes them very user-friendly. The main way that the resource enhances learning is by being very focused on the information the students will need for SATs. Nothing is irrelevant and I am particularly impressed with this since many guides are not like this. The focus on the importance of quotes, on almost every page, really impresses upon students how crucial close textual analysis is and because the information is on the page it makes it much less daunting for most children to find the quote than it would if you just directed them to the appropriate scene. The resource meets the specification demands well, particularly by including worksheets on each of the areas for assessment. These pages are helpful since they are bite sized enough for a lesson and would not overwhelm the students. In particular the ones on language are important since this is an area many students find very difficult, (and many teachers are tempted to overlook as a result!). Finally, I would definitely recommend this resource and I can imagine that it would become like a SATs teacher's Bible!

JC, Peer Reviewer

Scheme of work clearly set out from the start - easy to use, very clear contents page. Teacher answers provided for activities / quiz - excellent. Excellent break down of scenes with relevant questions focusing on the text.
good differentiated activities - order the events / true/false / storyboards. Lots of quiz activities fore quick recapping of events. Enhances learning as gets pupils to focus on sections of the text themselves and it gives them a clear framework and guidance. Overall a good scheme.

H Pacey, Peer Reviewer

Useful resource overall, with great teaching ideas and prompts and some handy resources. I think it could usefully inform a department and be something that was regularly "dipped" into.

N Chance, Peer Reviewer

I think this resource is strongest in its close analysis of the play. Scenes are broken down well and extracts are chosen carefully. I particularly liked the worksheets which centre around quotations and language.

M Koczban, Peer Reviewer

There is an assuredness about the writing of this resource that appeals to me greatly. Also there is the feeling that this has been written by someone who knows the business of trying to enthuse KS3 pupils with a love of Shakespeare and there is, most importantly for me, the feeling of realistic, practical support that a teacher would have by using this resource as they devised real lessons for real pupils.

S Padget, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is a thorough and well written resource, I was very impressed with it and we will certainly use it throughout the department.

JC, Peer Reviewer

I enjoyed reading the resource... It was interesting, comprehensive and exceptionally thorough. I enjoyed the 'stand alone' worksheets that were supplemented by other suggestions. It gives an element of choice about how you teach the play that would allow you to make it your own. It was also helpful to have the SATs key scenes in an easily printable version, and to have some specific SATs guidance. It is an exceptionally thorough resource. I suspect that many teachers will cover the play far more briefly, but this does give people easy ways into the whole text.

M McCarthy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Overall a very useful and comprehensive resource. Useful in that it covers almost every aspect of the course in a child friendly, approachable manner. Also teacher friendly in easily photocopiable format.

S Maddox, Peer Reviewer