Sing Yourself Out of Trouble

25 catchy songs, raps and poems to help pupils remember vocabulary, grammar and whole sentences that can be used in exams. All provided as attractively illustrated posters and as plain text.

  • Excellent starter and plenary activities
  • Accompanied by audio CD with example of all the songs, sung by the author

Written by a teacher with more than twenty years' experience.

Click on Preview below to view the lyrics and posters. Click on Preview 2 and Preview 3 to listen to two tracks from the CD.

"This resource looks really fun. I enjoyed reading it and the rhymes are already sticking in my head!"
Debbie Bambridge, ZigZag Marketing Manager and Languages graduate
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2421)
"Fantastic and very catchy... I went home singing the sample version after one hearing so there is no age limit! ...Would I purchase this resource for my teaching? 100% yes!" — C Brockenbrow, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Song and rhymes are good for helping pronunciation and repeating structures. Many of the songs cover a good range of important vocabulary that would help students to recall during tests." N Reynolds, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Kinaesthetic and musical intelligence will tap in to a resource like this and pupils will gain a lot from it. It is completely different to yet another 'boring' worksheet/textbook!" R O'Daly, French and Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"I really like the notes on topic and presentation that give good ideas on how to use the resource in the best possible way." C  Dissel, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This is an excellent resource - lots of very catchy, short raps and poems that are sure to stick in the children's minds. The poster-style resources are great for display, and the smaller versions are good for individual use... Appeals to all kinds of learners - the posters aid visual memory, the CD provides ideas for music/rap rhythm, and other stimuli such as sweets etc appeal to the kinaesthetic learner." — S Powell, MFL Co-ordinator and Independent Reviewer
"Love the one to the tune of the Marseillaise - kills two birds with one stone - by including cultural element!" — C Davenport, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer