Jacqui et Jacqueline

Very well written reading comprehension exercises describing events in the lives of Jacqui and Jacqueline, beginning with they are 12 and finishing when they are 18. Seven differentiated chapters for Key Stages 3 and 4, with progression through the series.

Each account of an event in the lives of Jacqui and Jacquline is accompanied by a vocabulary list, creative activities (e.g. drawing, describing), comprehension exercises in English and French, and sentences to translate. Includes extension exercises for more able pupils.

Contains NC and SQA attainment levels.

"I really like the idea of this resource and only wish I had thought of it!! I also like the discrete references to French culture by use of real place names and street names."
Carol Walles, French teacher, independent reviewer

"The concept enhances pupils' ability to work independently, passing some of the responsibility over to them."
Christine Dalton, French teacher, independent reviewer

"It targets the structures for highter level GCSE well."
Christine Simpson, French teacher, independent reviewer