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Sounds Write

Spelling and reading program for SEN

Deals with the confusion that children often experience with consonant sounds when speaking, reading, spelling and writing. Targeted at ages 7-13.

  • Gives students lots of listening practice as well as sound production practice.
  • Offers students a chance to read and spell words while focusing on specific consonant sounds, thus improving spelling awareness and confidence.
  • Provides practical solutions for teachers, students, parents and learning support assistants.
  • Extension to the tried and tested and hugely successful 'Blocks' spelling and reading program, which deals with vowel sounds.

"This resource hits the nail on the head! I would buy it and recommend it to others." Carolyn Fields, SENCo

"Explains the difficulties some students face in a way that is easy to understand by a 'layman' ... Allows teachers and students to identify where confusion is occurring and address this sympathetically." Amanda Roper, Advisory Learning Support Teacher

"If there were more resources like this perhaps students would not be faced with the difficulties they have." Gemma Brown, SENCo

Please Note: This resource is published by ZigZag Education and is not produced or authorised by, and does not have any connection what-so-ever with Sounds~Write Ltd.