Representation in the Media
Second Edition

A discussion on how the media represents a variety of groups of people and issues.

Men, women, ethnic groups, sexuality, occupation, class, region, status, age groups — all have been ascribed sometimes misleading identities from the news media and other forms of entertainment. This resource provides concrete examples of the reasons behind bias, stereotyping and moral panics and makes links between these and phenomena and the audiences that consume them.

  • Up-to-date analysis and suggested reading
  • Great for essay preparation and for research & independent study
  • Detailed examples & historical comparisons
  • Special sections

Includes: Worksheets, Case Studies, Case Histories, Textual Analysis and Research Tasks.

New for the December 2008 Second Edition:
Muslims and the Media
Die Hard and Masculinity
Advertising and Gender
Young People and Crime

Cross-referenced to current (up to summer 2009) and new (from September 2008) exam board specifications: AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC.