Topic Reviews for AS & A Level Year 1 AQA Biology

Give your students the best chance of achieving top grades with these photocopiable topic reviews. Packed full of examples, questions, and tips from examiners - the perfect summary of each topic.

Concise but detailed…a very valuable resource

R Dialino, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Written and edited by experienced teachers.
  • Highly visual layout makes challenging concepts clear.
  • Quick questions and checklists allow students to assess their own revision.
  • AQA-style exam questions develop exam technique.

What do teachers say about this resource? (1939)

I found this an excellent resource for the topic. It presented information clearly and illustrated it with relevant diagrams. The summaries of key points were made concisely without extraneous detail - ideal for a revising student.

This resource gives students a thorough summary of the knowledge they need for the exam, along with helping them with the exam skills they need to do well. It offers them an opportunity to test their skills with exam-style and other questions.

A Kane, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

By providing concise but detailed notes on the topic, practice questions as well as examiners tips I believe this is a very valuable resource as a revision guide for students.

I particularly like the “examiners tip” and “required practical” sections. They stand out from the rest of the text, are easy to follow/understand and I think the examiners tips will be very useful to students, helping them to gain marks in exams.

Concise but detailed…a very valuable resource

R Dialino, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This is a good set of notes for students to learn the basis of the course as a companion to the classwork and as a revision check/work book at the end of the year.

Z McGarry, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8056)

Good range of levels of the past paper questions to support and stretch students. Excellent additional prompt boxes of examiner hints.

The checklists will help support students to identify areas of weakness as they progress through the resource.

Well matched to the new AQA specifications and the mark schemes seem appropriate for the exam style questions. Links to the compulsory practicals too which will help support their understanding of How Science Works concepts too.

Like the resource a lot- great to support students with the large volume of information that they need to engage with.

C Elliot, Teacher and Peer Reviewer