The Handmaid's Tale: Flipped Classroom Resource for AS/A Level

Set text for:
  • AQA A A Level
  • AQA B A Level
  • Edexcel AS & A Level
  • OCR A Level

Revolutionise your teaching of this challenging yet insightful novel. Students prepare at home with stimulating notes and activities, then reflect upon key concepts back in the classroom. Innovative, seminar-style learning facilitates independent thinking and delivers ready-made, valuable homework tasks.

This is just what we have been looking for

P Town, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Supportive teacher guidance provides useful strategies to approaching the text.
  • Pre-, during-, and post-reading study covers all aspects of text analysis and enables directed, in-depth classroom discussion, leading to outstanding exam responses.
    • Indicative content for peer- or self-assessment encourages student involvement and responsibility.
  • Essay writing advice and activities provide essential exam preparation.
    • Student-friendly AO guide ensures full comprehension of the marking criteria.

It has suggested answers to the questions - other resources don't do this and it makes assessing the work tricky

N Bonner, Teacher & Customer

Buy with The Handmaid's Tale Comprehensive Guide for AS and A Level – perfect for further exploration of the text!

What do teachers say about this resource? (1837)

Excellent resource, well designed tasks with lots to think about... There is a student and teacher version which makes it simple to track... Plenty of opportunity for stretch and challenge... It helps the students to be more independent in their studies. This resources encourages critical thought and the different tasks ensure it does not get repetitive... It has suggested answers to the questions. Other resources don't do this and it makes assessing the work tricky... It saves huge amounts of time on planning, allowing you to focus on more content. This works brilliantly as either homework or more extended project based work.

N Bonner, Teacher & Customer

It is really well-done. The content dealt with is incredibly enriching and it certainly helps students develop knowledge and connections upon the novel being worked..

I loved the way in which the context is referred to. There are interesting approaches to several contexts, such as the WW and feminism.

It will motivate students to develop awareness of the importance of the context in Atwood's novel. Its literary approach also helps students develop comprehension towards the message transmitted by the author.

L de Grazia, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This is just what we have been looking for. Although this is a text we have taught before, resources linked to the new A-level were scarce and many have release dates too far in the future for them to be useful to us in our planning. This is ideal for both experienced teachers and those new to the novel.

P Town, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Generally helpful – it will certainly help stimulate ideas for the teacher.

E Gasan, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

There is a clear knowledge of the text and a practical approach to teaching. The resource identifies aspects relevant to the specification and the discussion of the modern world.

T Garland, HoD and Peer Reviewer