A Streetcar and Duchess of Malfi: Comparative Notes and Activities for AS/A Level Eduqas

This invaluable resource supports your teaching of paired texts for A Level Component 2, Section B. Once you’ve read the plays with your class, ensure exam success with probing notes and engaging activities focusing on comparison.

If I was a student, this would be my go-to resource for preparation and revision!

S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Themes include: openings; dramatising social settings; sexuality; female sexuality: further exploration; masculinity; death and mortality; violence; guilt; symbolism and imagery; and madness

Resource is split into key themes, each including revision worksheets on both plays and 1–3 comparative worksheets exploring connections and contrasts.

  • Variety of group, pair and individual activities appeals to all – including analytical, reflective and dramatic activities, consolidation tasks and creative exercises
  • Essential essay planning and writing skills developed throughout, building up to the exam
  • Write-on format will produce a fantastic revision resource for students

I was particularly impressed with the wide range of activities

S Burkinshaw, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
Set tasks in class to support your scheme of work, or hand out for homework. Teacher notes and indicative content make setting and marking simple!

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Regular references to the AOs and their purpose help to guide pupils through their learning so that they are well prepared for all aspects of an exam question.

The tasks are varied and signposted to explain their relevance. The structure is clever: ideas from each play separately are then plaited together in the comparative task. This ensures that no pupil is going in under-prepared!

It supports pupils’ learning by encouraging wider understanding through individual research, paired and group learning, clear modelling, prompts and suggestions. If I was a student, this would be my go-to resource for preparation and revision!

Teachers’ notes at the end are doubly useful – they decrease teacher marking time, but could also be used as peer- or self-assessment tools.

it’s rich, varied and enormously helpful, both for pupils to organise their thinking, and for teachers structuring their teaching.

S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This is an excellent resource. I was particularly impressed with the wide range of activities. The highly creative ‘comparison snap!’ looks thoroughly engaging, as well as being weighty and academic, as they complete a detailed analysis post-game.

Each activity is accompanied by teacher notes at the back with answers to ALL questions/activities. The very detailed notes will be good for teachers with no experience of teaching either text before.

I am impressed by the resource's focus on texts as plays, that is in performance.

S Burkinshaw, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

It's clear and very thorough. I'd certainly use it to teach this specification. Comparison is at its core. When I've been on Eduqas' courses, they have emphasised that comparing texts closely is key to success in this unit. All major ideas are considered - themes, symbols, characters, context and critical views.

There is a good range of tasks, all supporting comparison, ranging from Venn diagrams, quotation finding and paragraph structure to active tasks.

L Burden, HoD and Peer Reviewer