Animal Farm: Study Guide for GCSE

Set text for: AQA | Edexcel | OCR |

This detailed and stimulating resource will guide students through Orwell's ever-popular novella. Animal Farm contains elements to engage all abilities, with the straightforward and enjoyable story carrying deeper social comment.

Highly valuable, for students as well as teachers... There is so much here that the resource will be equally useful when going back for revision

P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer (previous edition)
  1. Walkthrough – Build understanding of the chosen text with insightful and relevant commentary and analysis. All chapters are concisely summarised, then examined in detail.
  2. Whole-text Analysis – Explores: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Allegory • Language • Form • Structure • Context
  3. Indicative Content – Ensures all key content is covered. Great support for busy teachers!


  • Student-friendly plot summary
  • Original illustrations

Woven into the analysis throughout you will find:

  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation – with suggested points to cover
  • Active learning tasks to deepen understanding

What do teachers say about this resource? (1630)

A fantastic resource to revitalise the study of this classic text as it appears on toughened GCSE specifications. Whether you have taught this novel before or are new to it, this resource is highly valuable, for students as well as teachers... There is so much here that the resource will be equally useful when going back for revision... Perfect!

P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer (previous edition)

This is a very good resource. Provides valuable guidance for leading class discussion, with ideas for depth of analysis, and a look at alternative viewpoints. This will provide the basis for analysis that will be invaluable for the essay-style questions on the new GCSE. An excellent platform from which to explore contexts, writers' intentions and alternative perceptions. The resource is designed with the teacher in mind by providing bullet point ideas of the issues that might arise during discussion – this will prove a hugely time-saving measure. Would I purchase this resource? Unequivocally, yes.

S Hawker, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (previous edition)

This resource will be useful to both newly qualified teachers and to the experienced. The chapter-by-chapter sheets will enable staff to plan engaging lessons for their students... The 'Life and Works of George Orwell' section is excellent. It is very informative and gives students who are genuinely ambitious the tools with which they can learn much about Orwell and the historical context of his works... A potentially invaluable resource for teachers who love Orwell's work.

P Sweeney, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (previous edition)

This resource helps to provide a comprehensive accompaniment to the novel... The detail on plot summaries, chapter summaries and theoretical ideas was great. There were plenty of interesting ideas for the active learning sections too... Ensures that students generate a fluent understanding and make connections within the novel. Supports them in reading in depth and critically, and in evaluating the events and characters' interactions.

T Reynolds, HoD & Peer Reviewer (previous edition)