GCSE French Grammar Homeworks

You want your students to understand the language, not just pass the exams – your brightest students would pass them anyway but are often frustrated by not being able to manipulate the language successfully. This skill should not depend on being able to spend ample amounts of time in France or having a private native speaker at hand.

If this is what you need, or you just want to give your students plenty of grammar practice, this pack is essential – a huge resource, tackling the grammar question in a way that many course books avoid.

Key features:

  • Structured grammar homeworks, each comprised of a question sheet and answer sheet
  • Built-in explanation and support
  • Major grammar areas of GCSE covered
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1382)
"Excellent for recapping, revisiting specific points... It allows students to study in their own time and work at it... The resource focuses concentration on specific areas and helps build transferable skills." — D Durose, French Teacher and Customer Reviewer