The A to Z of German Grammar - for Gifted and Talented KS3 pupils

The ultimate German grammar resource, to enable advanced & independent year 9 pupils to teach themselves German grammar. Perfect for extension or homework as the guide clearly explains each point and includes answers to all exercises.

  • Emphasis on how to apply the acquired grammatical knowledge to subsequent work
  • Answers for self- or peer-marking
  • Special sections on how to use a grammar guide and dictionary

“By working through these exercises, pupils will build up their knowledge of German structure and will be able to progress through and beyond National Curriculum Level 5.”
Gill James, author

The complete Selbstbedienung resource is available as an interactive digital resource. For this resource, the exercises can be completed on the computer, many exercises have a check button which clears incorrect answers and students have a change to try again. Have a look at the demo version.