Frankenstein Activity Pack

for A Level AQA Paper 1: Telling Stories - Imagined Worlds

Easy to use, and tailored to students of all abilities.

There is good reason Frankenstein has endured in the public consciousness for over 200 years. From the push-and-pull between the two main characters, to the themes of knowledge, isolation and responsibility, to the discussions of the horrors and wonders of developing science – the world in the novel is so similar to our own, yet so different, making it an engaging and fitting text for ‘Imagined Worlds’.

These stimulating activities are designed to support the teaching of Frankenstein within the ‘Imagined Worlds’ section of the 2015 AQA AS and A Level Language and Literature specification. Adapt to your existing scheme of work, or dip in and out, to build student confidence.

Concise introduction to each chapter followed by a carefully considered range of classroom-ready activities:

  • Consolidation questions and active learning tasks target understanding of the text and key literary and linguistic techniques
  • Discussion questions lead to more in-depth, open-ended debate and analysis of each chapter
  • Research tasks encourage students to consider contextual factors such as gender, class and scientific discovery
  • Exam-style questions provide students with plenty of vital exam practice at both AS and A Level

PLUS! Suggested answers to all activities included – minimal preparation required!