Short-Answer Tests for A Level Edexcel Politics

Topic Assessment System:

Focus on analysis of all key areas of each topic at AO2 level:

  • Each short-answer question is a bite-size challenge towards an essay on the topic
  • USA Politics: comparative topics culminate in 12-mark comparative theories questions

Variety of exercises... I would purchase this as it makes good use of AOs and is particularly strong on similarities/differences

... with paired 'Set B' reinforcement test that mirrors the first.

Using Set B is vital... at the end of the course a second test is required

S Foster, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

Question-by-question mirroring:

TEST for AO2
4.  	Explain two ways in which the constitution limits judicial rulings on civil rights.	(4 marks) 
 AO2 questions mirrored with opposites
4.  	Explain two ways in which judicial rulings on civil rights are authoritative. 	(4 marks)

AO2 is covered excellently in the Test questions... The Test questions would be great for self/peer assessment... giving students more independence in their learning

L Tilley, Teacher & Expert Reviewer
Part of the Topic Assessment System

Assessments at 3 levels, each with a paired reinforcement test that mirrors the first. Hundreds of new questions comprehensively cover A Level Edexcel Politics!

  • Easy solution for differentiation
  • Regular assessment ensures practice and progress
  • Flexible use and easy marking

A range of differing activities which are meaningful, purposeful, and relevant to the course

D Taborda, HOY & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11708, 11709, 11710, 11711, 11712, 11713)

Good design, good ideas... Good range of activities - multiple choice, short questions and essay activities. Educational value is that multiple choice questions can be used for summative activities and knowledge checking, including revision. Short answer questions can be used as fillers at the end of lessons to check knowledge. Passage questions can be used for both in class assessment and homework. Multiple choice questions can be used as assessments to reduce teachers marking workload over the year...

Multiple choice questions: I would use both sets ... Summative assessment at the end of teaching a unit. So if I’ve just taught democracy I would use the multiple choice test at the end of the unit, and give students a score. If below a certain score I would ask students to spend some independent study time. In my classes I encourage all students to achieve a B grade – 70%. So I would ask students to spend some time on the area revised if they got less than a B ... If they got less than a D 50% of the answers I would then ask students to take the test again after 2 weeks revision ...

Using Set B... is vital. This is because at the end of the course a second test is required. At the end of the course I ask students to go through all of the bullet points on the syllabus, and identify which areas they can do without revision (they know it), which areas they can do after some revision (they half know it) and which areas they need input from me from (they don’t know it and I haven’t taught it well enough to them). Revision is then targeted on those latter 2 areas where the majority of students either don’t know an area, who can only do it with some revision.

In those areas that require extra revision, after it has been taught, another test is needed. Therefore I would definitely buy set B as a teacher, as well as set A, in order to fully use this resource ... My college runs on providing assessments to students once every two weeks – so there are about 18 assessments per year. This could be a lot of marking if this was all essays. A strength of the multiple choice questions is that they can be used to provide an assessment grade in a different format, which is of more interest to the students, and help reduce teachers marking workload

Short answer questions: I am more likely to use these when teaching the unit itself, dipping into the questions when required. They’re the sort of question that I am likely to use as a filler at the end of the lesson. IE – I’ve got 10-15 spare minutes – I’ll get them to do a 4 mark question to round off and check knowledge on the material in the lesson, get students to come up with their best answers, and then check this with what was included in the document...

Passage question: These I would use once a week or once every two weeks. In particular, I have 2 1.5 hours lesson and 1 2 hour lesson. The latter focuses on exam technique – I would use the passage question in this longer lesson where we had the time to write it, and then look at it in more detail. I would also set this as a homework as use for a once in 2 week assessment

S Foster, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

Very impressed ... The ideologies part of Paper 1 can sometimes be quite repetitive in terms of questions but also quite heavy in terms of detail and so these quizzes, tests and essays are a fantastic addition to any lesson and/or home learning. I think this can help newer Teachers of Politics plan and effectively assess their students’ progress ... I really like that the ideologies questions and quizzes are extended beyond the textbooks and ensure that the students are thinking very carefully about the importance of the differences within Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism as well as the similarities. They are also important to show (in the model essays) how some thinkers don’t simply fit in with one strand of their respective ideology but transcend these ... Simply put, they make a difficult concept easier to understand with the way in which they are written. I also like that the indicative content is written in the style of the exam board answer - this is important for consistency ... This covers the specification very well and covers all of the key points, thinkers (in the essays) and strands within each ideology. It is thorough and extremely carefully written

D Taborda, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Head of Year; Experienced Politics Teacher. Chingford Foundation School & Peer Reviewer

The ZigZag Politics suite of resources keeps getting better. The UK Politics quiz, test and essay pack is comprehensive and certainly gives the impression of being never-ending but in a very positive way! I am really impressed with the level of detail and effort that has gone into making this resource and I do believe that it is perfect for all Teachers of Politics but particularly Teachers who are starting with Politics for the first time ... I love the detail of the quizzes and the fact that they are multiple choice (and that the multiple-choice answers are good, sensible answers which could all potentially apply). I think that the tests are well written and although there are no longer any short-answer questions on the papers, these are great to have as a focus for the students at the start of each lesson and to recap on knowledge. It is always welcome to have some model answer attempts and essay questions to add to the question bank and the model answers could be used as a base to develop on ... a range of differing activities which are meaningful, purposeful, and relevant to the course. The quizzes ... are a great and interactive way to get students thinking about what they have studied and how this applies to prior learning. There is a lot to cover in Paper 1 and these help to break that down to manageable chunks. Sometimes, A Level students need simple tasks to get them into a topic – these are perfect!

D Taborda, HOY & Peer Reviewer

I liked the resource. it was clear and easy to follow, with a good mixture of knowledge based questions and essay plans/questions ... The indicative content for the exam content split into the different assessment objectives was particularly helpful and something that I think students will engage well with ... Quick knowledge questions which will be really helpful for revision or as part of starter activities in lessons ... Model answers as this unit does not have an abundance of these available ... the exam practice and essay plans especially will help students understand the thought process behind planning an essay ... easy to follow ... very well thought through and easy to use

G Mears, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

I like the range of materials, particularly the multiple choice ... Short questions make good fillers to be used as the end of lessons. Long essays can be set for homework ... Closely matches the new specification

S Foster, Ideologies Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Well researched, comprehensive and varied ... I particularly liked the multiple choice questions that focus on the full range of topic areas ... a teacher can easily set these as a means of assessing a student's knowledge and understanding of content. This resource provides teachers with feddback about students' misconceptions ... the quizzes could be used either as a starter activity or as a plenary. In addition, now that the A-Level is linear, students in the second year of the course could use these as part of their revision

M Phillips, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11106, 11107, 11108, 11156, 11157, 11158)

This resource is very high quality and perfect for teaching A Level Politics. It is very suitable for its target audience as it covers the specification well and reaches its target audience... there are a variety of difficulty questions given, meaning teachers could select the most appropriate for their students. There is a good variety of easier, medium and more challenging questions – a good balance of the three has been achieved... AO2 is covered excellently in the Test questions and the Essays cover AO3 ... Definitely suitable and definitely enhance learning. Great that there are two sets so that different questions can be used at different stages in the learning without using the same question twice ... the Test questions would be great for self/peer assessment. This resource will aid teacher’s planning whilst also giving students more independence in their learning

L Tilley, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

very good ... an excellent set of resources to help underline learning, understanding and application. It has clearly been written by somebody who is knowledgeable and has been faithful to the Edexcel content ... I like the range of the questions ... an excellent spread across the course and demonstrate the extent of the knowledge that the students need to have in order to achieve the best marks on the paper. The structure of quiz, test, and essay (as with the UK and Ideologies variants) are consistent and if Teachers are purchasing all three variants, this will greatly aid students and Teachers when planning ... I like the fact the students can see the depth of the US topics. It is very important for the students to be able to delve deeply into this topic but at a pace which works for them. The quizzes are a great entry level topic, the tests are a great step-up, and the essays are good for modelling ... a great set of varied activities

D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Peer Reviewer