Topic Tests for AS and A Level OCR Law

Paper 1A The Legal System

Write-on and non-write-on versions provided

Identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses and track their progress.

Build student confidence with these comprehensive topic-by-topic tests covering every aspect of the OCR AS / A Level Law 2020 specification. A wide range of question types helps consolidate learning and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for class recap or individual student support.

Excellent for checking the memory and knowledge of students.

S Mohammed, Law Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An easy-to-set homework or in-class exercise for periodic assessment and revision.

Each test includes:

  1. Section A: Short, quick-fire questions easily identify gaps in knowledge on the key ideas/principles
  2. Section B: Scenario-based questions practise analysis & application
  3. Section C: Essay-based evaluation questions provide relevant exam practice
  4. Comprehensive answers – quick and easy to mark!

Tests are typically 25–30 marks and designed to last for 30–45 minutes each.

What do teachers say about this resource? (11655)

Overall this is a well structured and well written resource with clear separation of topics covered within the specification. All technical work seems to be accurate and well supported within the questions

I like the clear short answer style questions that test the areas of law covered by ELS. The questions test a wide ranging scope of the specification. I like the wide variety of knowledge based questions that really test the AO1 aspects of the specification and the evaluative aspects.

I feel this resource would be highly beneficial used as part of continued learning at the start or end of topics. It could be used to base line after a specified flipped learning unit or to measure progress after a unit has been completed. This would allow for a continual measure of progress.

[How does the resource match and interpret this specification?]
Really well - all aspects are covered. The specific evaluation areas are covered well and focus on the styles of questions that are usually found within the specification.
I like how smaller topics have been built into similar ones to allow for distinction.

A great range of questions suitable for use in the classroom. Highly effective.

J Scott, Head of Law Department & Peer Reviewer

The resource was well thought-out and covered the topics of the Legal System in detail. In particular I thought the mini scenarios in each test helped to assess the application of knowledge of each topic to a good degree.

This resource would be excellent for checking the memory and knowledge of students. It would be great for using at the end of each topic to see how much knowledge has been retained and what gaps are there which need to be revisited.

The layout and presentation was clear and detailed.

This resource matches and interprets this specification very well.

S Mohammed, Law Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Topic tests can be a very useful resource for students and teachers. Regular testing of knowledge is very important and retrieval practice in essential. While teachers write regular quizzes and tests for their students it is good to also be able to purchase this type of resource.

It may be useful as a starter or plenary for a lesson or for students to test themselves during revision.

Students would find the scenarios interesting and it is a good way to test knowledge.

All areas of the specification are covered.

The marks schemes are very detailed and comprehensive.

C Vorley Vaughan, Teacher and Expert Reviewer