Twelfth Night: Study Guide

for Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English

With important themes such as the nature of love and the dangers of ambition, and well-rounded characters with not-so-well-rounded relationships, Twelfth Night is an intriguing play that will get your students thinking. Use this guide to take them through the play step by step.

  1. Walkthrough – Build understanding of the chosen text with insightful and relevant commentary and analysis. All scenes are concisely summarised, then examined in detail.
  2. Whole-text Analysis – Explores: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Ideas and Messages • Language • Form • Structure • Context


  • Student-friendly plot summary
  • Key term glossary
  • Further reading
  • Original illustrations

Woven into the analysis throughout you will find:

  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation
  • Active learning tasks to deepen understanding
  • Extended essay questions for excellent exam practice
  • Key term definitions to ensure students grasp difficult concepts

Suggested answers are provided for questions and activities.