Theoretical Perspectives Study Guide for GCSE Media Studies

Designed for AQA, Eduqas, OCR and WJEC

Designed to introduce students to theoretical perspectives across the GCSE Media Studies specifications in a structured and friendly way.

The pack covers everything from semiotics to gender representation and gratification theory – split into three main sections:

  1. Theoretical Approaches to Media Language
  2. Theoretical Approaches to Representation
  3. Theoretical Approaches to Audiences

Each section includes:

Plus! Focused Revision:

  • 5 essay practice questions – enable students to apply their understanding to writing tasks.
  • 3 example essays with commentary – demonstrate strong application of theories and what to avoid in essay writing.
  • Explanatory notes – summarised key concepts with visual examples and a glossary of terms aid students’ understanding of each theory.
  • Activities – discussion prompts, further research, drawing diagrams and short essay-style questions enable thorough consolidation of knowledge.
  • Extensions – more challenging reflection tasks expand understanding and allow higher-ability students to push themselves.
  • Application to media texts – directly connect theories to familiar media products, contextualising theories and making them more tangible.

Keyword glossary, answers and indicative content provided.