The Ultimate 'Task-Driven Independent Learning' Resource for A Level Year 1 Edexcel Biology B

Save time with 15 versatile, independent learning exercises with 79 tasks embedded. Distributed across the whole Year 1 A Level Biology course so they’re ready to use at any time!


  • Starters ('getting going')
  • Background information and examples
  • Main tasks
  • Plenaries ('quick recap')
  • Extensions
  • Answers

Independent learning reduces time spent teaching content, in favour of doing other important tasks including correcting misconceptions and building on the basics.

An excellent multi-purpose resource:
  1. Designed specifically so a non-specialist teacher can pick them up
  2. Great for quiet study lessons
  3. The majority of exercises and tasks can be completed autonomously in around 1 hour – perfect for homeworks

Well researched, extensive and challenging, these will be extremely useful in the absence of the teacher, or the usual teacher

J Paul, Tutor & Peer Reviewer
  • Answers included for self-marking
  • Built-in extension tasks to keep even your fastest finishers on task for the whole hour
  • Learning objectives for self-assessment
  • Diverse array of activities provides interesting opportunities to develop understanding of core content, as well as to practise data analysis and practical evaluation skills

What do teachers say about this resource? (11451, 11452, 11453)

Incredibly useful and comprehensive resource - well structured and with many tasks for students to complete independently during cover lessons.
- Includes a range of tasks
- Differentiated so that all students can access the learning.
- Refers to relevant specifications
- Includes task that not only develop essential knowledge but also skills and scientific method
- Background information is very useful to supplement text books/web information ...

A Purse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought the resource was a great addition to the teaching material. The information was well laid out and clear instructions were provided for each task.
I liked the range of activities that students could work through. The material was pitched at a good level with extension activities for more able students. This also enabled them to read around the topic areas. The essay questions were a great way for students to build up their own notes.
The maths element was something I was grateful for because it is always a tricky area and students vary in levels of ability.
The retrieval activities at the start of each activity were a great revision tool for students to cement their knowledge.

L Roberts, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Well researched, extensive and challenging, these will be extremely useful in the absence of the teacher, or the usual teacher.
I particularly liked the comparison with different exam boards, and listing the specification criteria numbers: this makes the resource extremely adaptable for all schools to relate it to their own exam board. I also liked the variety of task set: diagrams, tables to be filled in with key words, research tasks, drawing tasks, “state” and “describe” questions: this maintains the concentration of students in a cover lesson situation.

J Paul, Tutor & Peer Reviewer