BTEC First 2018: Revision Worksheets for Unit 2: Finance for Business

Step-by-step worksheets with clear explanations of everything students need to know in specification orderfrom fixed costs and break-even to cash flow forecasts and liquidity ratios . Provides a systematic structure for revision – so students can aim for their best grade!

  • Fully cross-referenced to 2018 specification criteria
  • Topic Review sheets include exam-style practice activities
  • Mini case studies of small businesses bring finance to life!

The scenarios given relate to real world issues and possible future careers for some students.

D Allen, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
44 individual worksheets to use as:
  • A comprehensive revision workbook in the run-up to the exam
  • Homework sheets to consolidate learning
  • Class exercises or independent practice

The sheets are concise so that learners do not get bored...

...It helps learning as students can relate their learning to the questions. The resource is active so students can practice their learning from class with the resource

J Whatford, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  • Full & accessible answers enable peer- or self-assessment
  • Checklist ensures students understand every concept
  • Formula revision sheet to help them learn the required formulas

What do teachers say about this resource? (11355)

Overall, I liked the resource, as it is specifically aimed at the new specification and is easy to follow. I think this would be useful for students and enhance their learning.

I liked that the exercises are clear and varied so will enhance learning. The scenarios given relate to real world issues and possible future careers for some students. I also like the varied types of exercises and that answers are given to all of these, allowing students to check their work.

The tick list for students is helpful as this will enable the students and teacher to keep track of individual progress. This will also be useful for revision as students will be able to check the topics that they need to know and use this to organize their revision into small chunks.

I like that the author has used screenshots to show exactly how the online part works. The formatting splits the work into small chunks which is good for students.

The resource matches the specification well. The author explicitly states this at the start, and has organized the resource into sections that correspond to the various aims given in the specification.

D Allen, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

really good, lots of great activities and the variety of case studies will make it very engaging for students. Think the layout is good and it has clear links with the specification ... Great for practise after delivery of content or good for revision for pupils ... Really liked the variety of tasks and questions plus all with different case studies- will stimulate engagement across a broad range of learners ... Matches the specification very well-clearly covers the range of concepts for the finance element. Great resource

R Lamb, Head of Business & Economics & Peer Reviewer