A Level AQA Practice Exercises for Listening: Music for Media

Ready-to-use exercises on a wide range of extracts, tailored to the A Level AQA specification.

For each pack:

  • Sets of short-answer questions to prepare for the short listening tasks at the start of Section A
  • 10-mark questions to practise the skills needed to write a critical commentary on an unfamiliar extract in the exam
  • Answers for every exercise – great for peer-/self-assessment and easy marking

Use in class or set as homework for perfect exam preparation!

Area of Study 3: Music for Media

From Rogue One to Blue Planet II to Final Fantasy VII, this pack has a plethora of practice for the film, TV and gaming questions that students could be tested on in Section A of the AQA exam. 15 exercises (3 for each named composer) to prepare students for this area of study.