Worksheets for GCSE AQA A Religious Studies

Engage students and deepen understanding with these packs of pick-up-and-teach worksheets designed specifically to support the 2016 GCSE AQA A Religious Studies specification.

Pull out a worksheet for any topic!

  • Scheme of work overview grid clearly links each worksheet to a specification point and AO for complete coverage, while detailed teacher’s notes (including differentiation suggestions, learner types and timings) ensure effortless delivery.
  • Ready-to-use write-on student worksheets mean minimal preparation
  • Plus! All answers included for easy marking: self, peer or teacher

Innovative student engagement

  • A wide variety of activities, from match-ups to multiple-choice, ensures all learning types are catered for
  • ‘Taking it further’ tasks challenge your most-able
Ultimate flexibility! Can be used for homework, classwork, revision sessions and even cover lessons.

What do teachers say about this resource? (11343)

I really liked it - it was pitched just right I think for the key areas of the syllabus and for middle-ability students, which is probably best and then the teacher can adapt to weaker and stronger students. I like the overview grid at the beginning - it would be helpful when it comes to planning work for the Unit of Work on that theme.

T Lloyd, Head of RS & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11340)

The Overview Grid is helpful. I especially liked the suggestions for adapting to weaker or stronger learners - it helps with differentiation, which can be challenging at times. I like the Take it Further tasks - they are simple but effective in most cases I think.

T Lloyd, Head of RS & Peer Reviewer