Translation Practice for A Level Year 1 Edexcel French

Help students master the complexities of translation through an understanding of how grammar, vocabulary and transference of meaning work together in an idiomatic way.

The immense diversity of tasks through the resource is quite amazing and will motivate students’ learning

J Heald-Smith, Teacher of MFL & Peer Reviewer

The Translation Practice pack enables students to develop the skills to translate successfully into English and into French. All 2016 AS/A Level Year 1 and Year 2 Edexcel specification topics are covered to ensure comprehensive knowledge of vocabulary in varied contexts.

With a tailor-made structure that includes:

  • Helpful tips on how to approach translations both ways
  • Worked examples of translations with explanations
  • Grammar and vocabulary preparatory activities
  • Mark schemes with indicative content

Exam-style questions:

  • Translate an English paragraph into French
  • Translate a French paragraph into English

What do teachers say about this resource? (11086)

Excellent resource to practise translation skill, one of the most important one for the examination. I find the resource useful to make the transition from KS4 to KS5 smoother and help students getting the examination skills they need. The scaffold thinking required here will help students having the right structure and tools to master the translation task.

I love the grammar recap per subtopics, very helpful for lesson planning; also I really find useful the tips page, helping students to avoid mistakes and allowing teachers to teach the traps to their students.

The activities within the tips section are excellent for students to be aware of them.
The way tasks are organised per subtopics gives a chance to students to build up knowledge before they start the translation tasks.
The immense diversity of tasks through the resource is quite amazing and will motivate students’ learning.

The resource matches the specification very well, giving a nice transition from KS4 as well as preparing the students for the translation task. Vocabulary and topics are matching the specification, in a nice but challenging way.

J Heald-Smith, Teacher of MFL & Peer Reviewer