A Level Edexcel 3-in-1 Resource Packs: Component 2 Non-Core Political Ideas

You get:

Learning Grids
A brilliant idea designed to support differentiation. Students work through the question grids to review each specification point. Working alone or in pairs, with or without their books, every student can engage with this resource.


Course Companion
Clear, comprehensive coverage of the 2017 A Level Edexcel Politics specification. Classroom notes written in student-friendly language, organised in specification order and with detailed explanations of core concepts and political theories.


Topic on a Page
Visually attractive A3 photocopiable posters with concise summaries of every specification topic. Ideal for visual learners and perfect for revision.

Available for
  • Anarchism
  • Feminism
  • Nationalism

What do teachers say about this resource? (11033)

9.9 out of 10 ... comprehensive ... brilliant ... Breaks down the topic easily into thinkers, core values and examples ... Page 15 is fab ... Page 24 – Brilliantly creative page, what teachers are crying out for ... Bang on. Goes through the syllabus and then above and beyond it ... This is the best ever, most comprehensive set of resources of anarchism that I have ever seen in 10 years of teaching the subject. It literally includes every incidence of anarchism that you could ever think of or reference. Very creative and wide spanning, I might have to pick up a copy even though I don’t teach the subject any more

S Foster, Ideologies Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I particularly liked the variety, eg use of boxes, p2,6,19,20, the quiz and side headings eg p3, and the talking points ... This enhances learning by consolidating knowledge, and making complex concepts more understandable ... It matches the spec well and the emphasis on key writers was particularly apposite, as students often find it difficult to integrate them into their answers. It did not try to put over any specific interpretation,which is to be commended as the job of a politics teacher is to be a neutral arbiter... I also liked the activities,p11,24/speech bubbles p13,15,17/Exam style questions p20/21/summary table p21/debatesp22criticisms p25 and good examples,p27

L Ashley, HOD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11014)

a long overdue resource which will help students understand a very important ideology. It is well written, carefully sectioned out and is a very good course companion to accompany textbooks and other resources available ... I like the talking points dotted throughout the resource as this ensures that students are thinking about what they read rather than just reading it and taking notes - it encourages students to be inquisitive about feminism and its link to society ... The question bank at the end is good - I have often reviewed course companions and have said that there should be more practice questions included. I am glad to see that there are 10 questions which can help students and staff set meaningful and regular assessment work ... The distinction between 'sex' and 'gender' is excellent - a lot of my students often merge the two but the clear distinction between their meanings in this companion is excellent ... The 'tension' boxes throughout are excellent - they show exactly where different types of feminists disagree which is exactly what the students need to know. This is useful for those who struggle to juggle all of the different areas of agreement and disagreement within feminism ... The key terms dotted throughout are good - keeps students engaged and knowledgable about the varying degrees of feminism ... The key thinkers pages are excellent and it is a very sensible choice to include some of their quotes - a good, simple biography followed by some of their sayings. This is something I will be using with my students! ... written with students in mind and breaks down what is quite a complicated ideology ... My students had a very simplistic view of what feminism is and having read this guide, it demonstrates the complicated and sophisticated nature of feminism but in a very accessible way for the students ... To take a topic like this and be able to do that is a very big compliment to the writer ... Students will be well versed in this as they progress through the course companion and will have the confidence to know that this is correct for their course ... Would I purchase this resource? Without a doubt

D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Liked the different sections on core values, key thinkers, key themes and potential essay questions ... Pages 26-29 beautifully written and designed... Sticks to [the specification] like glue

S Foster, Course Manager, Economics, HSDC. & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource. It would be particularly useful to a new politics teacher providing a basic introduction to the subject,especially if they’ve steered clear of isms in the past,before the new spec made them compulsory ... This resource enhances learning by providing a clear explanation of the core concepts and a variety of activities to ensure students have mastered these eg talking points p7. Its educational value would be to give students confidence that they have mastered the theory as many are more attracted by the practice of politics ... I liked the presentation/layout eg use of italics for quotes(p6)and illustrations of the main thinkers, which makes the material come alive

L Ashley, Politics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10898)

With there not being many resources for Feminism this is a godsend. I believe it is a superb resource for revision and I am very pleased with it! Excellent Questions and Answers included - well written... The key content is covered carefully and ensures a good range of information is included... The activities are varied and they are not just simple questions requiring one-word answers... really stretches the knowledge of the students. They are deceptively simple - the resources require students to really consider the key facets of feminism and also each of its thinkers to ensure that students are able to consolidate their learning. My students have found using the Learning Grids invaluable and a superb way to consolidate their notes and their knowledge. Therefore, this resource's value is unquantifible in my opinion - better than any textbook... nothing is left out.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

Concise and accessible questions for students to answer based around the specification content. The questions allow for teachers to probe student understanding of core ideas and principles, feminist strands and feminist key thinkers... particularly useful as it comes as a blank version with questions and a completed version with answers. Teachers will value the ability to question students in a reliable and accurate manner. Students will value the completed version with answers that can be issued in order for students to compare and contrast their answers against what is expected by the specification... accurate but succinct definitions of a range of complex feminist ideas and principles. This resource could be used for: 1. revision purposes in the lead up to examinations. The completed answer version could be used as a 'knowledge organiser' to allow students to plan responses to sample answers. 2. The blank versions could be gradually distributed as 'retrieval practice' activities in order to test AO1 knowledge and understanding... this resource actively reduces 'cognitive load' for students by ensuring that it focuses on the essential information students are expected to understand... The resource sticks close to the Edexcel specification... differing views and tensions within feminism are identified and explained with an additional 'Conflict and Consensus' section which is particularly valuable for students to build AO2 analysis marks... key thinkers are unpacked using a range of open and closed questioning

M Phillips, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource. It did what it said on the tin, so to speak, and provided adequate,but not excessive information,which could be taken ownership of ,by the student ... I particularly liked ... the variety of activities ... This would enhance learning by providing opportunities for diagnostic tests, self-learning and catching up, if one had missed some lessons. Its educational value is to improve the clarity of the student’s understanding by pointing out fine distinctions between both thinkers and concepts and improving the student’s political vocabulary ... Presentation was fine, following the spec in a logical manner. I also liked the unpretentious layout with the heading/theme at side and questions next to space for answers ... The modules interpret the spec accurately

L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11016, 11017, 11018)

Posters to fill in are absolutely brilliant ... Loved the presentation and layout ... very good for students who enjoy visual and kinaesthetic activities

S Foster, Ideologies Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I am a big fan of the TOAP series and this doesn't disappoint. It is potentially an excellent resource which will be of huge value to the students during the revision activities ... I like that the key points have been boiled down to simple English so that the Students can see, at a glance, the key areas that they need to revise e.g. the Key Thinkers on one page can sometimes be of help revision-wise then reading reams and reams of information which doesn't always sink in! I always like the blank sheets because Students can then add their own bits of information if they feel something has been left out or they simply want to add to what is already written. It is an excellent format ... I feel that this is best used for Revision and so would be used at the end of each ideology or during revision sessions. It is a great way to get down everything onto an A3 sheet which Students can use as a quick reference. Textbooks and more detailed resources are of course useful in addition to this but sometimes, all Students need is to be able to reference something quickly and then look at it in more detail later on. The help that this resource can give to revision is huge and the layout is already completed for Students saving time in this area too. Essentially, this has been designed with Students in mind ... It is written with the Edexcel specification in mind and so matches it perfectly. Nothing included is irrelevant nor unnecessary. I find this to be the case particularly with the key thinkers. It is easy to go overboard with the key thinkers and put almost everything possible about them into resources but here, the Students have the information that they need to know, where they stand within their respective ideologies and how their views interlink/oppose with competing views within their ideologies

D Taborda, Head of Year & Peer Reviewer

A useful addition to the resources available.The contents were well set out and there was variety between the summary material/activities/mind maps ... It enhances learning by providing a lifeline for the less able and would give them some basic confidence.Its educational value is that it can be used in a variety of contexts eg homework, revision, tests, in class or at home. I found the layout/presentation helpful particularly for visual learners.

L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11015)

Well planned out and clear to the reader. Key terms are well explained and are student friendly. Key thinkers are clearly identified to students as are key links to the specification. Some lovely examples are included to support points being made ... it is well thought out and easy for students to digest. Will help support teaching with its clear headings and sections ... a sound set of notes that teachers can direct students to to provide understanding in the first instance, and then can be used as revision

N Barthorpe, HoD, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10899)

It enhances learning by providing sufficient but not excessive information, so learners can feel confident of consolidating it. Its educational value is that it is pitched at the right academic level to achieve high grades ... user friendly ... It matches and interprets the specification logically ... there is plenty of variety

L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10897)

Loved it. I used the old learning grids for Edexcel 3B and 4B when I taught it for 10 years, and would readily do so again. Brilliant way for students to get an overview of the ideology, particularly at the end when you’ve taught it... Comprehensive... Give students a full overview of the ideology. Ideal to complete as a revision activity when they have finished the ideology, or gradually as they go through each core value and then each thinker each lesson... Bang on for Edexcel... [presentation and layout is] great...

S Foster, Head of Economics. & Peer Reviewer