Mini-Mocks for GCSE Edexcel Music

All the benefits of mock exam practice – now easy to fit into any scheme of work

Two condensed practice exam papers for each area of study. Each 40-mark paper is designed to fit into lesson time and contains:

Offer your students continuous exam-style practice in addition to formal mocks:

  • Use under timed, exam conditions at the end of each AoS for focused exam training
  • Or as an in-class walk-through to support students in developing exam skills
  • Also great as stand-alone homeworks
  • One listening question based on an extract from the set work, covering the range of question types for realistic exam practice
  • One dictation question based on melodic material from the set work or another piece
  • One skeleton score question based on an unfamiliar piece
  • One essay-style question comparing the set work to an unfamiliar piece to hone extended-response skills
  • A full mark scheme in exam style for easy self-, peer or teacher assessment
    • Plus! Helpful teaching tips to use in conjunction with the mark scheme

What do teachers say about this resource? (11110)

A very useful resource.

The range of questions was good.

Presentation was generally excellent.

[This resource] has potential to be highly valuable for pupils in preparation for exams, or a way to evaluate learning after the topic has been covered.

The mark schemes were very detailed and clearly laid out.

This resource would be excellent for teachers who are not confident with the subject matter (e.g. cover teachers/NQTs)

T Hall, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11022)

Clearly laid out and very similar to the exam paper which helps to prepare students for the real exam, questions are worded in a very similar way to the exam papers. The teaching tips are very useful... All very clear and well laid out, easy for pupils to follow... Overall this is a very good resource.

S Barber, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11311)

Clearly laid out, set at the right level for GCSE... It includes all the different questions types you would expect on the real GCSE paper and is laid out in a similar way to help prepare pupils for their real exam... A great resource to prepare pupils for their real exam questions, it covers a wide range of topics which they should have covered so it gives the pupil and teacher a good understanding of what has been learnt and what needs to be improved on.

S Barber, Head of Music & Peer Reviewer