The Handmaid’s Tale A Level Edexcel Exam Preparation Pack

“Nolite Te Examen Carborundorum.”
Don’t let the exams grind you down.

Apply understanding and refine exam technique with key revision activities, detailed exam advice, essay-building activities, exam-style questions and model answers. A thorough and supportive pack for the AS and A Level Edexcel Component 2 exam questions on The Handmaid’s Tale.

It is clear the writer has valid working experience of guiding students

K Lindsey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Student-friendly revision notes and activities on key elements of The Handmaid’s Tale - including
    • Chapter and character revision tables, and quick activities to recap knowledge of themes, setting, context and more!

    It provides a springboard for more-able students, whilst also supporting weaker students in formulating a coherent response

    J Kearney, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • ‘Exam Skills’ section containing:
    • Sample essay plans with activities to provide a supportive framework for any exam-style question
    • Tasks on writing introductions to ensure students make a great first impression
    • Guidance on writing clearly and accurately for clarity

  • 6 AS and 12 A Level exam-style questions and 2 AS and 4 A Level original sample essays, detailed AO commentary and reflective student activities – familiarise students with examiner thinking and demonstrate how to improve grades
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and self-assessment
  • Plus! Indicative content for all exam-style questions

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10882)

An excellent resource which would be very beneficial to both my Yr 12 and Yr 13 students. It contained many useful sections which seemed easy to travel between and were chock full of information.

I particularly enjoyed the example response section as I feel students will appreciate the typed responses. I also liked the handy tips for the exam.

The best thing that this resource does is provide autonomy for the students. They are given apt support but not all of the information is included for them. This means that they have to think and actively learn rather than just expect to be spoon-fed.

I feel like this is very well suited to the specification and really encourages students to think in a manner which gains them marks within the exam. It is clear the writer has valid working experience of guiding students regarding this content.

All round a great and insightful pack. 

K Lindsey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A helpful and detailed revision pack, which guides students through forming a personal and analytical response to The Handmaid’s Tale.

It provides a springboard for more-able students to further their revision, whilst also supporting weaker students in formulating a coherent response in the Edexcel Prose Exam.

Useful activities which enable students to take responsibility for their revision.

The focus on “hitting” the assessment objectives through both the indicative content for answers and the example essays later in the booklet was beneficial.

As the resource is tailored to the Edexcel Prose Exam, it has high educational value.

The answers section at the end of the pack enables any self-assessment to be purposeful and provides direction to revision.

This is a detailed and informative resource which guides students through the process of revision for exams. Through providing example content and example essays, it provides a framework for revision

A very useful pack.

J Kearney, Teacher & Peer Reviewer