Topic Tests for AQA GCSE Psychology

This resource is pitched perfectly at the GCSE level and is an accessible resource

K Elks, Psychology Teacher and Peer reviewer

Encourage reflective learners with these progressive topic-by-topic question banks written for every topic (from Paper 1 and Paper 2) for the 2017 AQA GCSE Psychology specification.

9 carefully structured write-on tests for each paper – great for consolidating learning at the end of a topic in class, for revision or as homeworks.

  • Range of question styles – from multiple choice to extended exam-style questions – perfect preparation for each exam
  • Authentic scenarios and images present students with real-life applications and perspective.
  • Opportunities for data analysis in relation to key studies and areas of Psychology.
  • Clear mark allocations and answers – great for peer- and self-assessment!

Tests are typically 30 – 35 marks each and last for 25 – 40 minutes each

What do teachers say about this resource? (10839)

This resource is pitched perfectly at the GCSE level and is an accessible resource. It is clear and coherent making it a useful resource for classroom based learning. The teacher introduction shows the clear links to the specification... All of the relevant topics are covered and there is a good range of questions to cover the course content. Each paper starts with simple AO1 questions and build in difficulty using questions with AO2 and AO3 requirements. Importantly, the key studies, numeracy and research methods are addressed throughout the resource. The questions reflect those which are found on the exam papers for GCSE psychology... As such it is an excellent resource to use as it introduces pupils to the exam requirements of the course. The mark scheme has good suggested answers which are accessible to pupils and therefore enables them to be used for peer assessment. This is definitely a resource which would enhance learning.

K Elks, Psychology Teacher and Peer reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10859)

This resource is excellent and has high quality content which is, on the whole, accessible to pupils. There is a clear focus which is linked to the specification... this is also evident in the instruction section where there are clear numerical links to the specification requirements. All assessment objectives are covered in every test paper with engaging scenarios to practice AO2 skills. There are a variety of question types including simple tick box questions, short- and long-answer questions. All key studies are assessed in some way therefore emphasising the importance of these within the course. These tests are an excellent way to consolidate learning and assess knowledge and skills. They are appropriate for GCSE level and allow for some stretch and challenge for the more able. I would certainly use this resource... at the end of each topic to consolidate and assess learning of that topic. The layout and structure is excellent. The variety of style of question ensure that it is engaging and accessible for all. A great resource! 

K Elks, Psychology Teacher & Peer Reviewer