A Level Eduqas Media Studies Activity Pack

Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences

For exams up to Summer 2023

Note: By Sept 2022 there will be new updated editions available with new content for assessment from 2024 onwards

29 original, stand-alone and ready-to-use activity worksheets develop in-depth understanding and critical analysis skills across Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences.

Great for students…

  • Creative and varied activities engage all learning styles to consolidate knowledge in a fun and practical way
  • Full coverage – every Component 1 media form, framework, set product and theory covered!
  • ‘Extension’ activities challenge the most-able

Great for teachers…

  • Easy-to-use - all activities categorised by media form – so you can dip in and out of activities alongside your existing scheme of work
  • Ultimate flexibility! Varied tasks of different lengths can be used for homework, classwork, revision sessions or even cover lessons.
  • All resources included as well as detailed, indicative content for all activities – perfect for self- and peer-assessment!

Plus handy overview grid with key activity information, including timings, group size and specification coverage – great for quick and easy planning!

What do teachers say about this resource? (10832)

There is a lot of thinking required in most activities - it builds on what the students have been studying in class for the set texts. It is well suited to the course as all the examples are from the set texts for this specification.

V Edmunds, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

The creative application in certain activities in a particular strength of this resource. There is ample activities which approach the set texts from a new perspective. The resource is well written clearly with media specialist knowledge. I absolutely love how some of the activities are expanding beyond what can be assumed as a very monotone syllabus. Activity 1 in the ads section is particularly fun and explores the advertising medium beyond the traditional theoretical curriculum. Some lovely ways to bring in theory into creative tasks too which was really pleasing. I particularly like how students are able to debate topics. This resource allows students to dwell deeper into particular areas which may be neglected by teachers. Equally however, there is some really interesting resources that may be used by teachers to enhance learning and deepen students understanding. The classroom drama activity is particularly fascinating as it allows learners who struggle with the newspaper topic to apply their knowledge in a fun activity. The resource is really well set out and follows the specification points of the syllabus.

D Soltysik, Teacher & Peer Reviewer