Bridging the Gap: GCSE to A Level Geography

The transition to A Level can be challenging, especially if students didn't study some topics at GCSE. This independent 'knowledge-booster' will help students to "bridge the gap!"

Cross-referenced for ALL GCSE Specifications and ALL A Level Specifications

Student-led workbook for A Level geographers, introducing the core topics central to all specifications. A wide range of engaging activities and comprehension tasks to help students to:

  1. Consolidate and develop existing knowledge
  2. Gain confidence in new or unfamiliar topic areas, from fundamentals to technical terms

GCSE Teacher?

  • Great for G&T students towards the end of the GCSE to continue to push them
  • A fantastic parting gift to GCSE students going on to do A Level to use over the summer holidays!

A Level Teacher?

  • Identify your pupils' areas of weakness early using student self-diagnostic overviews
  • Prepare your students for the higher demands of A Level
    – for all students or just those looking for support in particular topic areas
Covers All Core Themes
  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Landscape systems
    • Drylands / Coasts / Glacial
  • Global Systems & Global Governance
  • Changing Place; Changing Places
Plus! The ever popular Tectonic Hazards!


  • Self-diagnostic topic overviews
    • Assess existing knowledge and understanding from GCSE…
    • … and identify any 'gaps' in A Level subject content
  • Topic-by-topic Activity Chapters
    • Linked comprehension tasks to develop deeper understanding of topic content
    • Data and image interpretation to introduce key geographical patterns and processes
    • Statistical questioning to revise and build upon key areas of the Skills Checklist
  • Fieldwork Section
    • Bridging the gap from GCSE 1-day class trips to multi-day trips and extended individual research at A Level
  • Extended Writing Support
    • Transitioning from extended GCSE questions to the more challenging essays of A Level!

Perfect support for those students looking to catch up over (or after!) the long summer break!

What do teachers say about this resource? (10760)

I love the idea of this resource ... a really helpful and useful bridging resource to be used at the end of GCSE prior to the A Level course. It has a wide range of topics so is relevant to a range of GCSE specifications as well as A Level specifications ... I like the range of activities and the fact that there are a number of short questions so the booklet can be completed in bitesize chunks at the pace the student wants. There are a good range of question types and activities, there were some gap fills which were more accessible than some of the more challenging questions. I like the video links, particularly for the stats questions ... This resource is really useful to help with knowledge recall, as students end their GCSE course and have a long break from learning, this resource will help them to revisit and recall key topics that are vital to their A Level learning ... I really like the RAG task of the various GCSE Specs, as some students enter A Level courses from a range of GCSE backgrounds. It links closely to the core content at A level and is a good revision too prior to the A Level course ... A great resource, which meets the needs of schools with A Level cohorts coming from different schools

C Turner, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This is a resource that would be helpful for the transition from GCSE to A level, particularly an introduction to the depth of content and concepts at A level.

A wide variety of activities that would develop graphical and statistical skills in addition to understanding new concepts [students] would not have covered during GCSE.

The resource provides an introduction to the extensive content and concepts to be studied at A level. Pupils may have a better understanding of the expectations and be better prepared. For pupils taking A level Geography for the first time, this seems to be a useful resource.

A Adu-Boateng, Teacher & Peer Reviewer