AS / A Level OCR Practice Exercises for Listening for Area of Study 1: Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

Take the mystery out of unfamiliar listening!

Students can’t know what music will come up, but they can have all of the analytical tools at their disposal! Prepare students for Section A, Question 1 of the A Level OCR Appraising exam.

Each resource contains 12 sets of exercises (4 for each composer) and consists of a series of short questions, each ranging from 1 to 4 marks, up a total of 15 marks – just like the real thing!

As students work through each of the carefully structured exam-style exercises, they will:
  • listen to music analytically
  • improve their aural skills
  • draw contextual links between works
Great for independent study!
  • Links to recordings on Spotify and YouTube for easy access
  • Self-contained exercises with skeleton scores – students can complete independently at home

Answers to all questions provided – easy to set and quick to mark!