Gifted and Talented Articles for GCSE AQA A Religious Studies

Bridging the Gap from GCSE to A Level

Stimulate and meet the needs of your highest-achieving students with this pack of 13 challenging and concise articles exploring topics from across the specification. Perfect as ready-made, independent extension tasks or homeworks.

Bridges the gap from GCSE to A Level by subtly incorporating philosophers and theologians to deepen understanding and develop evaluation and critical thinking skills, as well as students’ own attitudes towards religious issues.

Per article:

  • Comprehension tasks to check and consolidate understanding.
  • Research tasks to encourage independent learning.
  • Practice exam tasksfor the longer, 12-mark evaluation questions – vital to securing those all-important marks!

Plus! For the 12-mark evaluation questions: helpful exam advice drawing from across the examiners’ reports, and 2 sample exam answers with commentary – perfect for demonstrating how to achieve top-level responses!

Further reading list and all answers provided.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10745)

A fantastic resource. It supplements the specification very well, and covers much more advanced content than the text books do. It is very well suited to MAT students. I would readily use this resources either as extension tasks or as homework for the MAT. There are many aspects of this resource which enhances the learning experience of MAT students; particularly the challenging 12 mark questions, 'taking it further' to encourage challenge and extension, the 'further reading' section and particularly the examiner's advice in the 'the sample and model answers' section (many MAT students read examiners reports to improve exam skill so including this in the resource is a great idea). I didn't dislike anything! The tasks for each section are comprehensive and the 'criticisms' section are excellent for promoting critical engagement of ideas. I would undoubtedly purchase this excellent resource

M Wilkes, Teacher & Peer Reviewer