BTEC First in Business (2018 Award) Contemporary Case Studies

Bring the business theories to life!

J Whatford, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Relevant and accessible case studies with comprehension questions targeting specific BTEC criteria. Use them in class or as homework for learning, consolidation & assignment preparation.

  • All learning aims and assessment criteria covered
  • 8–12 case studies each covering a specification topic
  • Self-assessment checklists cross-reference each question to the criteria

The students would gain a great deal from using this as a bank of companies that they could start their own research for an assignment a springboard and introduction to that company...

...I like that these are real world examples and also all accessible products that students are likely to know about or use... The healthy food restaurant was an interesting study

S Hilton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Specifically written for the new 2018 BTEC Award spec!
  • Varied examples from familiar brands (e.g. Tesco, Google and Nike) to down-to-earth business ideas that students can see themselves involved in (e.g. 'Andy’s Autos', 'The Village Shop')
  • Answers included!

What do teachers say about this resource? (10731)

It is very up to date, flexible to use and pitched at the right level

It has good examples to contextualise the theory for the students

[Matches specification} extremely well

Helps [students] relate what they have learned to real-life and their own ideas

Excellent, contemporary and useful throughout the unit

Well worth the budget. It can be used flexibly and makes a real difference

E Reynolds, Head of Department