A Journey to... Marseille for GCSE French

Take your class on an exciting journey with this unique and creative activity pack. Explore new places and cultures in real-life situations as students learn how to order food, write a postcard or organise an outing.

An original resource with lots of accessible and imaginative activities which will surely motivate pupils

J Briden, Head of French & Peer Reviewer

Target language focused

  • Authentic materials – respond to Instagram posts, train announcements or conversations with friends.
  • Interactive activities – engage with a variety of individual, pair and group tasks.
  • Skills-based learning – practise listening, reading, speaking and writing in preparation for the exams.

Supports the spec

Content throughout is based on GCSE topics from the 2016 specifications of all boards:

  • Family, Friends, Relationships
  • Hobbies, Films, Music, Social Media
  • Traditions and festivals
  • Holiday/Travel
  • Home Town/City
  • Healthy Living
  • Environmental Issues

Fits into any scheme of work

  • Pre-prepared lessons – each unit includes a starter, comprehension tasks and a pair/group activity suitable for classwork, for homework or as cover lessons.
  • Adaptable for all learners, with extra challenge activities to stretch and motivate your high achievers.
  • Easy marking! All answers provided, suitable for self- or peer assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10708)

This is an original resource with lots of accessible and imaginative activities which will surely motivate pupils. The introduction is easy enough for all pupils to understand and should give a welcome boost of confidence and give them encouragement to do this resource. This is important as they move towards the end of the course – we want them to have a can-do attitude! Because of the range of topics and skills covered, this resource is a valuable source of revision materials for pupils. A wide range of vocabulary is covered and yet it also offers the chance for pupils to research their own items eg. unit 2 items for the journey starter and the items for a desert island pair / group task.
I like the fact that the situations are ones which pupils might find themselves in one day and this gives them the ideas and language to cope with them (even in English eg. with the stolen wallet in unit 8). Linking this to a cluedo-style activity in a group is super – they will love it! I like the story and the idea of going on a trip covers lots of topics required at GCSE. For AQA these topics are covered in units 1 > 8 (out of 12 units) and if covered in a linear way, it is likely that this resource could be used roughly from the end of year 10 onwards as revision. I would personally enjoy using this as revision, partly because it covers so many topics and all language skills and partly because by this stage of the course, it will provide a welcome break from the text book. I like the fact that each chapter fits neatly onto 2 pages – in the pupils’ eyes, this will make it seem manageable. The photos add real interest and will appeal to the pupils, as does the inclusion of a variety of styles: tweets, Instagram, texts.

J Briden, Head of French & Peer Reviewer