A Volunteering Adventure in... Austria for A Level Year 2 German

Students experience a volunteering adventure in these authentic and inspiring resource packs, designed specially to engage with the target language. Discover fascinating destinations, learn about people and cultures, and reflect upon the impact of volunteering and helping others.

A real triumph, a breath of fresh air

J Turner, Ind. Languages Consultant & Peer Reviewer

Authentic targeted learning

  • Respond to authentic scenarios through blog posts, radio reports, podcasts, and messages from friends and family, etc.
  • Practise all four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing – using the target language in a realistic way.
  • Engage and interact with a variety of individual, pair and group activities.
  • Prepare for the exams – all content based on the A Level Year 2 topics from the 2016 specifications of all boards
    • including immigration, integration, discrimination, culture, diversity and political life…

Linguistically, it is superb and its structure is also admirable

J Turner, Ind. Languages Consultant & Peer Reviewer
8 units (each containing 4 activities):
  1. Planning ahead
  2. Arriving in Vienna
  3. First day at the NGO
  4. Working with the other volunteers
  5. The impact on people in need
  6. Attitudes to marginalisation
  7. A personal reflection
  8. Future plans

Effortless delivery

  • Flexible! Each unit can be used as a stand-alone lesson, for exam revision, as homework or as cover lessons.
  • Suitable for all students with extension tasks to challenge your advanced learners.
  • Easy marking! All answers provided – perfect for self or peer assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10658)

I think that this is a real triumph, a breath of fresh air in the world of A Level German resources. It offers the student of A Level German a taste of internationalism, a clear message that learning a language (or 2 or 3) and travelling to use this language within the international community, will surely give you greater empathy with and understanding of the world. I liked so many aspects of this resource, from the map on the first page, informing where the adventure will take us, to the invitation to research independently an equivalent NGO, the way that the varied structure of each unit mirrors the sort of requirements encountered in German A Level comprehension testing, the opportunities for creativity, such as the Leserkommentare on page 15, the open-endedness of the resource which can motivate the gifted and talented. Linguistically, it is superb and its structure is also admirable. I really enjoyed reading through this resource

J Turner, Ind. Languages Consultant & Peer Reviewer

Super idea, something a bit different from the standard topic by topic approach. I particularly liked how an authentic story can contain so many of the topics and areas needed covering in the A level course.

S Lemmetyinen, German teacher & Peer Reviewer